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We help young ladies to have self-esteem, encouragement, dreams through professional dancing!!


We are on a mission to encourage girls from ages 5 to 18, to pursue their passion and dream in dancing which makes them happy. We hope to guide young ladies to get closer to their purpose and to develop a life-changing journey that has peace, self-esteem, love and happiness.

We are committed to provide enthusiasm to our dancers, which will help to inspire, educate and overcome the challenges of negative influences and to create a positive change within themselves.


We will always strive to implement our dancers to achieve their vision, by providing young ladies from 5 to 18 to empower, inspire, each dancer through knowledge, mentoring with the community and the support, which they need. We renew, restore, and regain the self-worth, the self-esteem of each dancer through our endeavor.

We are spiritually based, non-profit organization, which spreads the message of love by blessing others by being blessed, doing the work, and through praise dancing, being a pillar of light in the darkest hour.


Finally, we support and inspire young ladies of any color to visualize their futures and potential through dancing. The development and the social change which innovates the community through our dancers will help young ladies to develop the key skills which are needed for their upcoming success in the future.

Through our praise dancing, we are designed to encourage the congregation of God through worshiping God in dancing. Our expression through our praise dancing will be used to destroy any yokes of bondage, and deliver, breakthrough, and break down strongholds.

We are on a mission to encourage all young ladies all over the world to pursue whatever makes them happy. We hope to guide young ladies, through dancing to be closer toward their unique purpose, and help them create life-long journeys filled with peace, love, self-esteem, and happiness. 


Wild Bulls Dance School/Wild Bulls Dance EliteWe started this dance group in 2012 . I am a former 14K/Marching Wildcat, Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, and dancing is a passion of mine. Our dancers are between the ages of 5-17, we are an unique dance group, because we do not perform tryouts, or select a participant based on how she looks, size, color, or even if she can dance or not. Some of our dancers would have never made it on any dance team, of their choice, but with the Wild Bull Dance Group, Inc/Wild Bulls Dance School/Wild Bulls Dance Elite., we build dreams, self-esteem, dedication, etiquette, and a drive for dancing, for these young ladies. "Where Dancing Dreams Come True!"

The Wild Bull Dance Group, Inc./Wild Bulls Dance School/Wild Bulls Dance Elite, are a professional dance team, we perform for the Miami Dolphins halftime and the Miami Heat halftime, We are in various competitions, and we have a dance school in which we teach dance, formations, skills, and dance techniques, which our dancing is to express, not impress. Our dance group do not do anything, in which the young ladies pop their bodies in any un-lady-like manner, we also praise dance at many churches.  Not only do our Wild Bull Dancers dance, we also do community involvement and cleaning up the neighborhoods. We are still accepting young ladies to be one of the Fabulous Wild Bull Dancers.



I would highly recommend this dance group to family, friends, or co-workers, communities, etc, and can't wait for them to perform again!

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